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(-lp'ss) n., pl., -ses (-sz).The omission of a word or phrase necessary for a complete syntactical construction but not necessary for understanding.

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The patterns of light as it moves through time and place reveal another side to nature. The places where we have been, the footprints of our existence that we leave are shown, brief glimpses of our interaction through our systems, our processes, our lives. The journey starts with hope, a brave new world with its structure and bold design. Bright, clean, optimistic. But time erodes, and hope fades as familiarity envelopes us. We see the decay, both physical and spiritual through dust and dereliction. But salvation awaits. Or does it? We trust in something bigger but intangible. And we return, sometime to the beginning. To a place of nostalgia, of reflection but also melancholy. The journey, cyclical, begins again, the spiral of our lives ever playing out, generation after generation seeking the same answers, with the same hope and fears, with the same sense of loss at the end of the day.

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