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early films

Based in part on Franz Kafka's 'The Trial' the film follows an unwitting traveller, lost in a city of surveillance and suspicion. His access to knowledge and information is closely monitored, and eventually he reaches a door to what he believes to be an escape, only to fail at the last as the doorkeeper denies him passage.


This stopmotion film was shot on B&W 16mm, with audio post-production at De Lane Lea Studios. It was screened at the Electric Cinema, Portobello and at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 1990.

the decade journey 1990

strangeness  2004

'Strangeness' was a 2 minute short produced in response to the challenge - make a film based on the idea of a foriegn film. Taking these words and their multiple individual meanings a loose abstract narrative developed. Ideas of alienation, difference, surface and texture inspired a range of visual responses.


This short was set to a score by the French composer Yann Tiersen.


The film has not been screened in competition or festivals.

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