• Work in progress

    Filming went well this week, with plenty of material shot on location in Hastings - with the fishingboats piled up on the shingle, surrounded by lobster pots, broken nets and knackered tractors. Followed up with some great shots of waves along Dungeness. Very windy and extremely cold. One numb head after a few minutes filming!

    The nest day I was up on a hill, filming the valleys, sheep and wind. Plenty of all of those. I even managed to find some lambs feeding, and they could only have been a few days old. A perfect result.

    Now, thanks to Brorsoft MXF Convertor I am batch converting the Canon MXF files to something that my version of the Creative Suite can handle - good old MPEG4s. Then I can at last start Bill's film. In the meantime I am talking to Subrosa Records in France to get the rights to use Simon Ho's '5' for the footage I shot during my first visit to China last year.


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