• West Country Weekend

    As things progress with the preproduction of the next fim (still no name, but maybe just 'Oak') there are loads of processes that need to be finalised.

    Magic Latern (freeware) installed onto the D600 (not my favourite camera - still prefer the Nikons) but its free to test on so I am not complaining. (I'll talk about the installation of ML later) Magic Lantern is ok, but not really coded for controlled timelapse. There is only one intervalometer setting - 2" intervals - when I really want 15" - 30" min. Still it leaves me free to look at the landscape. So. Tested the Magic Lantern with one wide shot and bracketed with a stop over and under on a very small 2mb card - this gives enough for 300 large jpegs - or 4 seconds of film. The trouble with Magic Lantern is that it needs the files on the card to access and run, so when I swapped over to a 8mb card the options of the intervalometer went - so it was back to timing with the watch and pressing the shutter manually.

    I used this option for 'ellipsis' as I didnt want things to be automated - I wanted to be able to control when the image was captured (roughly around the 30" gap - but with leeway to capture when something interesting entered frame). After 15,000 of those I am willing to sacrifice my principles and let technology have a helping hand.

    I shot one test using the intervalometer, and a further three timed by hand. The last three were experiments with bracketing (I need to post the metadata from the stills later - as this is relevent to amount that I need to bracket in the future). These were all shot in near perfect conditions (clear and sunny). The next day I decided to shoot two further tests - but not HDR this time, rather I wanted to look at what needs to be considered when framing for Little Planet shots). These are all in the process of being processed. Little Planet is simply via After Effects, whereas the HDR shots need to be batch processed through Photomatix Pro from HDRsoft (I am currently evaluating the optimum render settings for this for my work). The results should be online later this week.


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