• The end is in sight!

    Today I got confirmation from Bill that the music track is complete for '178.98' and should be on Dropbox later on today! Looking forward to hearing it - the first version sat really well with the imagery, but since then both of us have been post-producing - so this will be the definitive version. The vocal tracks came in yesterday from Joe (although he want to do a bit more clean up) so I have been mixing the initial tracks today, adding some additional reverb. I think I will have to a bit more on that to the image to get the tone right.

    The final version wont be online until the New Year. I'll post details then...

    In the meantime I am now wading through cleaning up the footage shot in China. Halfway through filming I noticed a speck of dust on some of the shots - not on the stills for the timelapse sequences, but on the filmed sequences. Cleaned the lens (several times) and the chip (again, several times). Really annoying and hard to remove (from the camera) but easy to remove with some deft masking and layer work in After Effects. Shame there's so many to clean up, but it will keep me busy over Christmas at least! I've no idea when this one will be finished - but I hope to have something assembled by the start of summer '13.


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