• That elusive holy grail

    So it turns out that Magic Lantern that's installed on the D600 can also enable bulb ramping - which is hugely exciting. Last night tried to test this application and to get the camera to calibrate itself (working from the ML User Guide - http://magiclantern.wikia.com/wiki/Unified/UserGuide#id3) The guide says to take a still and to calibrate from this - it doesnt mention that to get it to calibrate you need to half depress the shutter first. Anyway, this didnt want to work! Each time the camera referenced the image of the sky it kept hunting around tried to calibrate the gain, and an error message kept appearing - scene too bright or scene too dark. Found some advice on the ML forum on Vimeo and the suggestion is to aim the camera at a black piece of cloth first in the lighting conditions of the shoot, calibrate and then reference a still - not quite what the user guide says... So this is what I'll try this evening. Seems like the user guide needs a bit of updating, so I will log the sequence for future reference.

    If that fails then I will look at the GBTimelapse software from Granite Bay Software. Seems Dr Mike Posehn has been researching this very thing.

    In the meantime the first shot of the next film was taken today - I need to complile this in After Effects and have a play around with the timings and settings. It's only leaves, but its a start!

    10.38pm - tests done (hopefully). Spent the best part of 2 hours trying to get the 600D and Magic Lantern to calibrate. Not wishing to celebrate too soon, but I think I have cracked the process - all logged for now, and if it's right the workflow will be posted + results. Less stressed now!


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