• Seeking Inspiration

    Spending a sunny afternoon looking out over the pond, seeking inspiration and twiddling with After Effects.

    I've never tried making a fully abstract film, so I thought I'd set myself a challenge to try and make one in a week. So the brief was to look at road markings and create a film made from patterns inspired by them. So far so good though it's very black and white, of course! I found a great piece of music by Machinefabriek (who's music I used in 'ellipsis') I hope Rutger will let me use it so I can get the work up on Vimeo.

    And I'm off to China again in two weeks, so I hope I can get some more footage of early morning Tai Chi in Beijing - I realised I didnt have enough footage of that from Shanghai. Still need to get all that footage into a film. But first I owe Mr Drake a film for his kind assistance with '178.98' which will no doubt mean a trip down to Hastings and Dungeness - two great locations which would suit the tone of the song. Never a dull moment...


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