• New lenses to test

    Finally the two lenses arrived today for me to test - the Sigma EX DG 8mm fisheye and the Canon EF 15mm fisheye. The Sigma is a 3.5 and the Canon a 2.8. The idea is to test out which will work best with the Stage Zero dolly for a timelapsed track in to the subject. I just need to work out which angle to position the rig to avoid it getting into shot, so some testing to do there, alongside seeing which of the two lenses handle the subject and ramping best.

    I ran a test this week, running the camera until the batteries died - somewhere around 1am - but noticed in the results huge issues as the camera switches shutter speeds - quite noticably in places - with one jump from an 8" exposure to a 20" exposure. The camera was set with ML at the 50th percentile with exposures every 25 seconds. I think the exposure jumps were caused by light polution from the street lights that were in shot more so in this test than there were previously. Testing with the two fisheyes will need to avoid the street lights altogether! All I need is some decent weather, to test and to start the film!


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