• Moving Paintings. Words from Max Hattler

    Today I had the fortune to listen to one of the leading lights in experimental animation talk about his work. Moving paintings could be a good way to descibe his work, as he himself did during the course of the lecture here at UCA Farnham. Quoting inspiration as diverse as Busby Berkely and Leni Riefenstahl, Max screened a number of his works, contextualising them with his thoughts and inspiration at the time.

    Having always been a slave to the storyboard when working in the professional studio, it was great to hear another film-maker say that for them the process is much more about getting started with the job and letting it evolve. This resonated with me. What is important though is keeping an eye on the shape of the film, and rtusting to experience that what you are creating is interesting, aesthetically pleasing and communicates an intention or theme. For me this my process.

    Keeping a consistency with the approach also seems key to Max. So a film will be CG or pixillated but not both. An important distinction, and one again that I found myself agreeing with. Sometimes the two are just not meant to be seen together!


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