• Magic Lantern updated

    Ran a test last night with the new firmware update, for firmware 11.12.22. This immediately sorted the issues with the calibration, which it started to do straight away. Within a few minutes the camera was running (having set the meter to roughly 50% - actually it was 65% in the first instance - I was aiming to minimise the initial flicker) and taking photos. I had also set the camera to bracket at + & - 1.5EV so this was a double test - to get HDR bulb ramping on a sunset - the shot included sky and darker areas (tress) as these are the conditions I am looking to film in over the summer. The test started at 7pm, and I went to check the progress at 8pm. Unfortunately the variance in exposures was wild, and the intervalometer seemed to have got out of synch - it was set to take every 20", but was now taking every 5" or so. So I stopped the test, wiped the card and reset the camera (resetting the intervalometer and ramp) This time after the camera had calibrated I set the meter to 45%.

    I ended the test at 11pm, and quickly scanned through the images - again there were some wild exposures towards the end of the shoot, and then there were some that were spot on! As this was also an HDR test I hope that some of this will be flattened put by Photomatix as the images get batch processed. The images (all 900) were left to download overnight, and Photomatix is batch processing them and should be finished sometime this afternoon. Results to follow. If this workflow doesnt work then I will switch to shooting RAW, extracting three exposures from that in Photomatix and then batch processing in the usual way.

    I have included a link to the new Magic Lantern update...

    Magic Lantern Update


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