• It's been a good week!

    It's been a good week for 'ellipsis' after a quiet spell on the festival front. It has now been accepted in competition (the experimental catagory) at the Open Cinema International Short & Animation Film Festival in St Petersburg at the end of July as well as at the 9th Naoussa International Film Festival in Greece. This will be the third festival in Greece that has shown the film. They obviously have good taste!

    I am trying to raise the funds now to get to St Petersburg as they have invited me out there - the hotel is covered, I just need to raise the funds for the flights. Fingers crossed!

    The good news has been overdue as the weather so far this summer has been awful - I have only managed to get onto the site and film for half a day - and even then the clouds rolled in and the shot was ruined. The film needs at least 14 clear days of shooting, so if things dont impove then I will postpone the new film until next year and concentrate on a one minute short with a load of rusting military hardware!


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