• High 5!

    I am really pleased that Fred at Subrosa Records in France have agreed to let me use Simon Ho's track '5' for my Chinese footage. So with that in mind the edit starts today. It's wierd having two projects running alongside each other, and both with very different tracks. Simon's is closer to Machinefabriek's track that I used in 'ellipsis', where as the track that Bill gave me to work with for his short is completely different.

    Each one will present different challenges no doubt. All I can do now is work on the China film (still need a name for it though. Shot in four cities, and a contrast between the new and the old. Must give this some thought!). HAving had catastrophic software problems over Easter I am only now back in a position to be able to edit, which has been hugely frustrating. This afternoon I have re-imported the footage for 'Fish', Bill's film, but it lacks the audio track, which is away from here on another drive. So that done its a case of on with the other film then.

    A weekend of filming beckons too. Equipment booked. Fingers crossed for dry weather.


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