• HDR works!

    Finally everything has come together. Despite my concerns over the wide range of exposures during the HDR/bulb ramping test Photmatix neatly stitched everything together, and the results were super smooth - although there are some issues with the saturation and density around the edges of things like the clouds - but then I ran Photomatix with the old settings that I had been using, rather than the modified ones I established from a previous test - my fault!

    The main issue to come from this test is the amount of EV to bracket with - I had the camera set with + & - 1.5, but the results didnt really give a great impression of going from early evening to night - even the shots from 11pm ended up looking like dusk. I will run another test over the weekend with + & - .5 EV to see what difference (if any) that makes. I need to bracket for the film, and when I have run tests without the bracketing the trees just come out black, as the emphasis is given over to the sky, whereas I want the trees to have some depth to them.

    And I still havent run the Stage Zero either. That's the trouble - I can to both - test the HDR/ramping settings and test the rig. Too much to do and not enough time to do it. Still, the fisheye is on its way, and I cant wait to get shooting with that.


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