• Getting busier

    Animation starts for real this coming weekend, and everything is ready to go!

    Sunday sees the pixillation shoot in London with Bill Drake and assorted singers and musicians and the odd piano and clarinet. The music track and vocals have all been broken down, and dope sheeted for real (the old fashioned way on those beautiful Chromacolour dope sheets as well as in the new-fangled way using Dragonframe's inbuilt dope sheet). One day to do the lot is a tall order, with about 1 min 30 secs of footage to get so its fingers crossed time! I will be trying out two new flat screen LED lights for the first time which will be a new way for me to light - but certainly cooler than working with 2 k's and peppers!

    Following on from that is a week of timelapse based on Vincent van Gogh's 'Still Life with Mackerels, Lemons and Tomatoes'. I've timed it so that the 30 secs (one frame every 16.8 minutes to be exact) that I need will run for a week, by which time all of the still life should have slumped into a mess! There will be flies in the studio no doubt! This is to go with the pixillation, bluebell timelapse and live action shoots from Hastings and the South Downs.

    All that's needed after that is for upcoming animator Jamie Hobbs to finish the animated woodcut fish and the film will be complete. I hope to have all the post finished by mid July.


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