• Editing & filming

    The shoot on Sunday went really well, with over 40" shot frame by frame, as well as a number of live action piano shots. Sadly no clarinet though.

    The job now is synching the pixillation to the audio. Having broken down the original clips which ran at just over 12" it was easy to synch those parts. But there were subtle variations in the repeated lines in the chorus. So in order to synch that the pixillated shots were re-edited, rock and rolled and bits re-cut to fit. In just one 20" clip there were over 80 edits! The results though are really pleasing.

    In the meantime the trusty Canon is being tested with a 10 day timelapse shot. Hopefully the results will be stable enough - not ever having shot over such a long time it will be interesting to see how Magic Lantern's inveralometer stands up to it. The shot is lit with two led panel lights, giving a good soft light, with no heat, and hopefully no flicker!

    The idea is to shoot a 3D realisation of Van Gogh's '3 mackerels with tomatoes and lemons'. The shot is two days in and already it smells awful!


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