• China

    Back at last from a breakneck speed tour of China, starting in Shanghai, where the smog at night made it feel like being in Blade Runner. Some great timelapse opportunities, and a place of real contrasts, where there was extreme poverty and squallor just off the main streets. On to Wuhan and Changsha for two days each, but less centrally placed, and a great opportunity to study the life on the river with fisherman and farmers both dwarfed by the scale of the new building. Again a contrast of rich and poor. Finally ended the trip in Guangzhou with a 500 mile train journey through spectacular countryside of misty mountains and plains of paddy fields. Once in the city some wanderings, through streets that would have graced a Dickens novel. The highlights were two shoots in the Bhuddist temples in the centre of the city. Smokey from the incense, a little oasis of calm.

    Next step to edit the whole lot. But first I have to finish the Russian film - the rough cut is complete and with Bill for the musical bits. Once thats all locked down then I can complete the final edit. Hopefully ready to send it out in the New Year!


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