• Camera tests and the search for the grail!

    So. As amazingy damn fine the Nikon D300 may be, with great HDR potential, and an in-built intervalometer the two don't work together - it's either one or the other - which is a right pain, and considering the complexity and quality of this model somewhat of a shortcoming. Perhaps a search for some freeware is needed. With that in mind I have gone back to the Canon 600D with the Magic Lantern freeware uploaded to an 8mb card (the original patch was on a smaller 2mb card, but even though the software was loaded onto the camera it seems to need to refer to the actual program from the card as a boot up. I need more space than the 2mb card can provide too). So the Canon is out there on a 40" interval and auto-bracketing (+ & - 2 EV) from 7pm to 10pm in search of the holy grail of timelapse events - day to night. The results will follow. All of this is to test ahead of the shoot for 'Oak' where there are two sequences of this nature.

    So it's going to be goodbye to the D300, and continue to test with the 600D, although an intervalometer is on order for a Nikon D90 (which I still have some wierd soft spot for). The TLPro rig has two options for me hook-up wise - with connectors for the Nikon D90 and the Canon 600D and I want to find the best camera for the shoot, and to try and keep to just the one model. The tests continue and the jury's out on whether it will be the 600D (though I hate the lens it comes with) or the Nikon D90 (and there's a lovely 14mm fish-eye that I can use as well as the other prime lenses). Choices!


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