• Bulb ramping calibration issues

    A frustrating three days spent without a clear result! That was Friday to Sunday, with a real issue of getting Magic Lantern to recalibrate for bulb ramping.

    I had set the camera up in the usual way, taken a reference still and then turned the bulb ramping on. At this point the camera should have started to calibrate as it had in the past. However nothing happened - although there were three options for the BR session - sunset, sunrise and auto. I assumed that the camera was not aclibrating based on the data loaded at the last session, and so to run it on auto would be ok. Two hours into the first test and it was obvious that the camera was still set on the original f-stop and shutter speed, and that it was not ramping. All I wanted to do was run the 600D with the Stage Zero, and using the rig to act as the intervalometer, rather than running that function through Magic Lantern, and just letting that software operate the bulb ramp.

    I then went through Magic Lantern and checked all the settings - Live View was off, single frame shooting etc. Nothing. I then ran a stability test with the same negative result. Next I uninstalled Magic Lantern, and reinstalled it, minus the upgrade. Then I installed the upgrade. Still nothing. I even reset ML to see if this would help. The camera was refusing to calibrate, and now it flashed up a warning to contact the developers.

    In desperation I rest the camera settings from the Canon window and then tried. Instant success! It would appear that if any changes are made to the main settings on the camera after bulb ramping has been calibrated then it wont run, and to recalibrate for each new shot the main settings for the camera have to be cleared and reset. Result - bulb ramping up and running again last night, and test shots rendering in After Effects this morning. Tonight I will run the rig and ML together. I hope!


andy joule films