• At last!

    So the music is now in place, and the v/o tweaked - although Joe is still cleaning up the pops from the recording session - but at least the first version has (fingers crossed) rendered. The final edit started today at 10am, and I quickly had the v/o tracks mixed with Bill's music. Adding the subtitles to the Russian dialogue took a little longer though. Then set to render with the idea that I could get a DVD out to the 31st Uruguay International Film Festival (closing date today!) Slightly miffed that at 12.00pm there was still another 4 hours rendering to final output without considering DVD mastering. Result - mising the last post. Ouch! Eternally grateful to the lovely people at the festival for giving me a days grace - lets hope that I can get the DVD licked tomorrow!! The best laid plans of mice and men...

    In the meantime I have been updating the website - www.andyjoulefilms.com

    So for Christmas all I want is to finish the initial clean up on the China shoot!


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