• All Quite on the Blogging Front

    It certainly has been a bit quiet on the blog front of late, but then it's been a little bit busy elsewhere with me off writing a series of articles or tutorials for the fabulous on-line animation magazine Skwigly. It's meant that since the middle of December when I havent been doing all the things that I get paid to do I have been sat bleary-eyed in front of a computer hammering away at a keyboard pouring forth any dregs of wisdom that I can muster on the subject of character animation. And it's been fun!

    The first article looks at acting for animation and character performance. I followed this with a short diversion through observation and timing, and have just completed a third missive on character development, with hints and suggestions on how to get to know your character a little better. All of these I've written with fledgling animators in mind in the hope that some of it is of use and can help them to figure out the whys and wherefores of the whole process.

    So March and early April will see me calloused fingers still pounding the keys on my fourth effort, and then another two after that (or at least that's what I have promised the fine folk of Skwigly). If you fancy taking a little look at them then there's a link below, or go to the 'News' page of my website where you will find links to all three so far...

    Skwigly Tutorials

    Happy reading and animating!


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