• A rainy day

    So, over the weekend that I had planned to shoot the timelapse sequences of the bluebells in the wood it decides to do the typical thing and piss with rain, so with this there was no filming possible. So Bill's film remains in stasis. However its great to see that MagicLantern is now available for the 600D in a simple all in one upgrade without that nonsense of the retograde step of installing an old Canon firmware in order to get ML to run. This is great news guys and makes the functionality of ML so much easier. The 600D is loaded and ready to go!

    However I havs still to test it, and really want to check out the bulb ramping option, which when I shot in China at the end of last year was still somewhat haphazard and needed some AE post correction. So, with nothing better to do its onward and upward with the 'Four & Five' the footage shot in China last year. Simon Ho's music track fits beautifully and this weekend has been spent editing a problematic sequence 2 minutes in. Thats now sorted, so I have 2/3rds of the film complete and should have it all finished by the end of June ready to go to festivals.

    If you're into timelapse go check out http://www.markus-enzweiler.de/StarStaX/StarStaX.html#requirements

    it looks quite sexy! I will be checking this one out for sure....


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