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'animmilus' was filmed between 1999 and 2000. Made using the short ends of 16mm colour stock left over it was a reaction to living within a large urban environment. Within the metropolitain sprawl there were pockets of nature, where if captured in the right way were indistinguishable from rural environments. This became the basis of the idea - finding nature, the patterns of light through leaves and water, the movement of the waves, pebbles across a beach in contrast to the movement and patterns of light from the white noise static of a tv and old video tapes. It is a mixture of normal and high-speed live action, pixillation and time-lapse and filmed on an H16 Bolex.


Edited by Leo Casserly at Flix Post Production. Sound mixed by Alistair Saunders at Hullabaloo Studios.


Fimed around the Mersey River and Chorlton Water Park in Manchester, in the studios of Cosgrove Hall and at Hall Sands and Berry Pomeroy, Devon.


It was screened at the Kino2000 Festival in Manchester.

from animus, the rational soul, mind, life, mental powers; courage, desire. the natural spirit within the urban environment. the millenium.

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