andy joule films


Andy Joule is a film-maker and animator. He studied animation at West Surrey College of Art & Design. After graduating he worked in London for most of the leading studios through the 1990s. Andy then went on to work in Manchester where he directed children's animation, as well as working in Bristol, the Netherlands and in the US.


His professional work has always been in the medium of stop-motion which is in contrast to his own experimental

non-narrative films. His films have been screened in festivals and competitions around the world.


Andy's films utilise a combination of techniques, comprising the traditional and the contemporary to create works that are moving still lifes. Timelapse, multi-layered image sequences, texture and a sense of disorientation are of prime interest, and the work always has a strong link to sound, with the films set to scores by both experimental and more contemporary composers.


Inspiration comes from a number of places, but paramount are the works of the abstract expressionists Willem De Kooning and Jasper Johns, painters Kurt Schwitters and Ben Nicholson, designer Vaughn Oliver and film-makers Godfrey Reggio, Ron Fricke, Len Lye and Stan Brakhage.


In addition to his practical work Andy has also lectured at Volda University College, Norway and the University for the Creative Arts. Currently he is the Head of Animation & VFX at Falmouth University. He is also a BAFTA juror and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.




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