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about 'four and five'

'four & five' (and the use of lower case is important here)  suggests what is, or what is not important.


Paramount is texture. Both physical and intangible or metaphysical. Through the juxtaposition of life-styles, location and environment the film strives to capture the essence of 21st Century China as a mass of contradictions and confusion with the occasional momentary glimpse of clarity.


This film was made in 2012 and 2013 and shot on a single DSLR using a combination of time-lapse and live action cinematography. The title comes from the fact that the film was shot in four cities in China - Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha and Guanzhou and accompanied by the score 'five' by Simon Ho.


Primarily this film is about initial response to a new location, and a new sensibility. The juxtaposition of the contemporary and the traditional provides the opportunity for creating a new visual texture and resonance. This film strives to capture that essence.


Mixing live action, slowed down cinematography, pixillation and time-lapse this film has been selected and screened in festivals around the world.


'four and five' has so far proven to be a successful film, screened across the world - in Europe, America and in the sub-continent. It was shown on India's NDTV 'Prime Documentaries' in November 2014 and in the same month awarded Jury 2nd Prize at the Without Words Film Festival in France.




The two faces of China, one modern, confident, forward looking and fast paced the other steeped in tradition, its agriculture and Bhuddist beliefs echoing it's past. Filmed in the temples, on the streets and among the farmers and fishermen of Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha and Guanzhou.