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About ellipsis

ellipsis is a collection of over 15,000 photographs. The locations used include the Western Dock at DPS World Southampton, the barge graveyard at Rainham, Yew Copse at Winchester Hill, Coalhouse Fort at East Tilbury, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciencies at Valencia, the Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral of St Mary Valencia, Arundel Cathedral, Hollywood Lodge in Epsom, Brighton Beach and Canada Square London.


In total over 20,000 photographs were taken, so some sadly never made the final film, and these include a sequence shot in Norway.


The project began in April 2010. Production then continued over the next 18 months with time spent on location shooting, followed by the inevitable post-production and clean-up. The whole project was produced in After Effects and edited in Premiere. The score was generously given by Rutger Zuyderveldt of Machinefabriek with additional sound effects mixed into the whole to give the piece and unsettling edge.

About Machinefabriek

Machinefabriek (aka) Rutger Zuyderveldt is from The Netherlands. As Machinefabriek, Zuyderveldt makes electronic music influenced by drone, classical ambient and noise.


His discography encompasses more than 50 releases and Zuyderveldt has collaborated, on record or on stage, with a large number of musicians including Stephen Vitiello, Jasper TX, Frans de Waard, Soccer Committee, Steinbrüchel, Peter Broderick and Richard Skelton. web2 copy