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about 178.98

This film was shot over four days and nights in St Petersburg, Russia. With such a short amount of time available the film was made as a response to the city and it's culture, with its structure only coming together in the edit, though the idea that it would try and reflect the hectic nature of the place from dawn to dusk in a variety of locations had been a major consideration.


It was shot with two Canon 600D DSLRs, both of which were additionally running the Magic Lantern freeware, which gave the cameras additional functionality - as seen with the day to night timelapse shot of the 'Church on the Spilled Blood'.


All the shots were either hand-held (live action) or on a mini tripod (timelapse). All post production including image stabilisation rendered in After Effects.

web1 copy web1 copy

see the full HD version on Vimeo

178 & 98. The two registration codes for St Petersburg.