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Filmed on location over four days and nights in St Petersburg, Russia in August 2012. The film is a response to culture shock and translocation, a reaction to new heritage and history, sights and sounds, beauty and backstreets. A day in the life of the city.


The score was composed by William D Drake and recorded at  Cattleford Beech Studios by James Larcombe, with additional sound design by Benedict Davies, with the voice provided by Maria Astahova and studio production by Joe Sudlow.











"The journey through Saint Petersburg, aching feet, burning back. Past closed doors and open alleyways, and out over the river, the Neva running smooth and black. The red flag still  flies high over Mars, and spilled blood stands against the evening sky, lit like a jewelled beacon.


Brave and splendid facades hide the wells of neglect, some decay, textured, graffiti and postered. Rub against the oversized signs of an imperial mania. Soldiers, sailors sitting under the trees enjoy a late afternoon as the sun dips below the cranes, casting long spider shadows splintering.


Nevsky pours through the city, pausing briefly at the lights. They hold back the flood of traffic as a sea of faces from the Baltic to Okhotsk fight the tides. And then down deep.


Into the depths, cool and gilded, below the the marshes, the waterways and motorways. A journey back in time. Corrugated metal, burnished wood, hard plastic, dim lights. Familiar rattles and jolts in an unfamiliar setting.


Spat out, lost, grey and cool sky weaping. Return later calling Nevsky home following the footsteps of Lermontov and Gogol. Watching the heavens deepen to a leaden shade and think of returning again."





178 & 98. The two registration codes for St Petersburg.

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